Load cells

  • Shear Beam-SSBL

    Shear Beam-SSBL

    Floor scale,blending scale,low platform scale

    Specifications:  Exc+(Red); Exc-(Black); Sig+(Green);Sig-(White)   

  • Double Ended Shear Beam-DESB6

    Double Ended Shear Beam-DESB6

    –Self-restoring function

    –Nominal loads:5t~50t

    –Simple to install

    –Laser welded,IP68

    –Legal for trade verfication

    –Optimized for parallel connection by corner pre-adjustment

    –Meets EMC/ESD requirements according to EN 45 501

  • Tension & Compression Load Cell-TCA

    Tension & Compression Load Cell-TCA

    crane scale,belt scale,blending system
    Specifications:  Exc+(Red); Exc-(Black); Sig+(Green);Sig-(White)

  • Tension & Compression-TCA

    Tension & Compression-TCA

    crane scale,belt scale,blending system

    Specifications:  Exc+(Red); Exc-(Black); Sig+(Green);Sig-(White)   

  • Single Point Load Cell-SPL

    Single Point Load Cell-SPL


    • Compression Measurement 
    • High Moment/Off-Center Loading
    • Hopper & Net Weighing
    • Bio-Medical Weighing
    • Check Weighing & Filling Machines
    • Platform and Belt Conveyor Scales
    • OEM and VAR Solutions
  • Single Point Load Cell-SPH

    Single Point Load Cell-SPH

    Inoxydable materials,laser sealed,IP68

    –Robust construction

    –Complies with OIML R60 regulations up to 1000d

    –Especially for use in refuse collectors and for wall mounting of tanks

  • Single Point Load Cell-SPG

    Single Point Load Cell-SPG

    C3 precision class
    Off center load compensated
    Aluminium alloy construction
    IP67 protection
    Max. capacities from 5 to 75 kg
    Shielded connection cable
    OIML certificate available upon request
    Test certificate available upon request


  • Single Point Load Cell-SPF

    Single Point Load Cell-SPF

    A high capacity single point load cell designed for the manufacture of  platform scales. The large side located mounting can also be used in vessel and hopper weighing applications and bin-lifting applications in the field of on-board vehicle weighing. Constructed from aluminium and environmentally sealed with potting compound to ensure durability.

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